Business Activities

Below is a brief description of each area of activity we do in the office. For more information, please contact us by phone or via mail.

Civil law,
In its non-contentious side, the firm advises on:
- Urban leasing
- Obligations and Contracts
- Horizontal property
- Foundations and associations
- Civil liability
In the other hand, in its contentious side the buffet instructs legal proceedings or arbitration on any of previous subject that may become litigation.

Bankruptcy law ,
- The firm in collaboration with experts in economic and accounting subjects can undertake an assessment of the situation of the company and the viability of it.
- Liquidation of the company without going into litigation.
- If necessary preparation and filing of bankruptcy proceedings.

Labour law,
- Labour force adjustment plan
- Individual target dismissal procedures
- Debt recovery
- Court proceedings for dismissal on disciplinary grounds
- Demands for disability, retirement, widowhood and unemployment

Matrimonial and family law,
- Premarital agreements
- Matrimonial processes of separation and divorce
- Economic relations between spouses
- Procedures related to paternity and filiation
- Claim or food contestation between relatives
- Disabilities and guardianships
- Unmarried couples and parent-child relations

Commercial law and of societies,
- Constitution of the society
- Transformation or dissolution
- Modification of statutes
- Liability of directors
- Merger and acquisitions
- Company restructuring, splits, family protocols
- Draft and negotiation of commercial contracts and including franchising, agency and distribution

Criminal law defence,
- In cases of frauds of all kinds, swindles and embezzlement, concealment of assets.
- Offences against the rights of workers derived from accidents in work resulting in injury or death.
- Defence in cases of reckless driving or drunken driving or narcotics.
- Protection of honour and privacy.

Inheritance Law,
The firm advises on all matters related to this subject of law, either:
- Preparation of wills
- Acceptance or rejection of inheritances
- Intestate inheritance
- Succession operations
- Tax planning of the cost of the inheritances

Transport law,
The firm provides advisory activities conflicts in transport by road, rail and air.

Sports Law,
The firm provides advisory activities to sports federations, sports limited companies, clubs and professional sports.

Nationality and immigration,
Contact a lawyer specialized in immigration law to process administrative files for obtaining Spanish nationality, work and residence permits and contentious-administrative appeals in these same matters (nationality, residence and visas).

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